domingo, 21 de febrero de 2010

In the US

Living in the US is difficult, specially for those who come from a collectivist and spiritual culture like the Mexican culture. American culture is very different to Mexican culture. In the US people are seen as individuals and not as part of a group, a family, a couple or a society. Because of it most Americans have very strong personalities. Their idea of themselves is very clear. Americans are not an extension of their parents or siblings and that is contrary to the Mexican idea that family defines you. Americans like to solve their problems on their own and be proud of it and that is contrary to the Mexican value of humility. For Americans progress is very important that is why they like having the latest technology. This is contrary to the Mexican idea that possessions are not important and if you can still use something you should even if it is not updated.
However I have to acknowledge that many aspects of the individualistic American culture are good. We all need to acknowledge at least once in our life that we are individuals with thoughts, ideas, personality and desires of our own and not always part of a group. Learning to solve our problems on our own and value our achievements can make us independent and confident. Of course we should never take something strictly literally. The secret is to know how to take the best of both worlds.

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