domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010

Getting to know yourself

Getting to know yourself can take a lifetime. For some people it is very difficult because people around them have different expectations and hopes for their future. It is difficult to find out who you are when at the same time you are trying to satisfy your parents, siblings, friends and partner. Some people need to get away from it all to find him or herself. Some others have a strong personality and don't need to get away. The method one uses to find oneself is not important the important thing is to get there.
Knowing yourself is a powerful weapon. Knowing what makes you feel good, angry, sad, and what makes you laugh gives you the power to have your emotional stability in your own hands. It gives us the power to control or at least understand our moods and feelings. It improves our relations with others because we are no longer waiting for them to make us feel better when we can feel better by our own. It also stops us from blaming them for our bad feelings and moods when in reality we feel down because there is something wrong inside us. It prevents us from continuously try to put others down just to make us feel better. Knowing what we really want from life prevents us from following dreams that are not really ours. Knowing our abilities and weaknesses help us to believe in ourselves and know what we are capable of.
The advantages are many but the path is long and sometimes painful. Anyway, it is worth to try it.

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