domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2009

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.

It's a quote I found some time ago when I was looking for quotes about feminism. My intention by discussing this quote is not to offend men but to make us think. Very early in a woman's life society starts telling her what not to do “Girls should be clean, don't get dirty when you play” “A lady does not shout when she's angry” “Women cannot do things by themselves they need a man who takes care of them”. Men obviously don't get this kind of advice. This bothers whoever lives through it and that's why feminism was born. However I think at some point along the way to get our rights we lost sight of what we were looking for. We were convinced that the reason why we were not allowed to do so many things was because we were incapable of doing them. Feminism was born from our need of freedom, freedom to do things like to shout and get dirty “as men” or to study science. That was the goal but at some point “I want to do whatever I want” became “I'll show you I can do whatever men can do so you don't have a reason not to allow me to do what I want”. Obviously the second goal is just dumb. Still we got caught in it and now we ashame any naive man that offers his help with something heavy because “We are self sufficient”, “We are equal with men”, “By opening the door to me you imply I cannot do it myself and I am therefore useless”. We obsessed with showing them that we can do whatever they do and forgot to just do whatever we want to do. We are not doing things that were out of reach for us before because we want to, we do them just to show them we can do them. I think the quote is about that. We downgraded our dream of freedom to the goal of showing men we are equal to them and that is not what we wanted to start with. And why do I have to prove I am like a man to obtain my freedom? Don't women have the right to freedom just because we are human beings? Believing that we can only obtain of freedom if we are equal with men is shameful. It is to accept that only men and those similar to them have the right to it.
To stop that behavior we should stop thinking that “women like” attitudes and gestures are sings of weakness. We have to believe that the same woman that cries at the movies can move to New York alone, that the same woman that watch soap operas can raise a family of four, that the same woman that has interest in fashion can have interest in math too. I know all these women and nobody has the right to tell us that because we are women we are weak and incapable of living our dreams, having interest in politics, science or sports. Nobody should be allowed to say that to a woman no matter how many heavy boxes she is unable to lift, how many shoes she has in her closet or how many times she cries while reading a poem.

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