domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

Mexico from outside

Everything looks different from outside. Some defects look bigger from outside but also some virtues look more beautiful and unique. For some unknown reason Mexicans think that outside is better. Mexicans think that other societies are better, that people think, read and don't allow themselves to be cheated by politicians. People think outside Mexico there is no crime and no envy. That is so not true. Mexican society's flaws are every society's flaws. This means we also are not poor because we are ignorant or uncooperative as some people think. Ignorance, hate, envy are present in every society just as wisdom, cooperation and kindness are. However, there are few societies as kind, polite, empathic, generous, hard working and cooperative as Mexican people. Mexicans think of others very often. They often think even what to say so that they do not offend others. They are always willing to help even strangers. They wake up and go to work every day even though financial and social circumstances are far from ideal in Mexico.
Every society has flaws and the flaws of the Mexican society are not particular. Fortunately Mexicans also have virtues and those are particular.

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