domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

Soap operas and love

Everybody in Mexico has seen at least one soap opera. In fact, once you have seen one soap opera you have seen them all. All soap operas are the same, the leading characters meet and fall in love in the first chapter and are never together until the end. Soap operas are entertaining, no doubt about it, but we have to understand that love and relationships in real life are nothing similar to love and relationships in soap operas (or Disney movies).
In soap operas the male leading character is willing to change his flaws for love. In real life people don't change that easily. To change people have to go through a process, it takes time and effort and very few people is willing to do it. In soap operas relationship's problems are always because of some villain that tries to break up the couple. In real life relationship's problems are caused by the couple and very rarely by someone else. In soap operas people fight for love. In real life nobody should fight for a love that is not reciprocal or that is destructive. True love is beautiful not hurtful.
So, watching soap operas is nice but we have to keep in mind that no frog will become a prince with a kiss and real love is nothing like love in soap operas.

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