domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010


It's been three years since abortion is allowed in Mexico city. People is in favor and against it for many reasons. Some say they are against it because they are pro-life. However we have to remember that human beings all over the world waist millions of cells that have the potential for life. What makes different a fertilized egg and an unfertilized one? Sex. That seems to be the real source of discontent with the pro-life people at least in Mexico. For those people it's OK if a woman chooses not to have sex and passively destroy a cell that has the potential for life. But is is not OK to have sex and then destroy the fertilized egg that will otherwise make her undergo a huge physical and life change. It seems like a woman that decides to have sex deserves any possible punishment and does not have the right to chose how to deal with the consequences. This is also an explanation of why so many people that are pro-life and states in Mexico that do not allow abortion are in favor of abortion in case of violation.
This way of thinking would not be so bad if it was not so hypocritical. Sex is something very natural in the human being and that makes abortion very common (even among those who say they are pro-life). It would be much more healthy if we all could talk about it without judging and give every woman the choice over her sexual life and how to deal with the consequences.

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