domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010

Our European heritage

We Mexicans don't believe in ourselves. We think we're poor because we're lazy, because we like football, because we don't read, because we like TV, because we don't like museums, because we like the easy life, because we are always late, because we like to party, because we're sexists, because we like to drink, because we are brute, because we are brutal, because we are believers, because we are emotionless,...
The blame is on us, or so the Europeans said from the first time they set a foot in the Americas. When Europeans invade a country they use the lack of civility of the invaded country as an excuse in spite that Europeans aren't really as civilized as they like to think. They raped, murdered, robbed and exploited any people they ever conquered, but when it comes to Europeans those crimes are not called brutal they are called necessary. But that way of thinking sticked in our Mexican minds, we think everything bad that happens to us is our fault and the vices are exclusively ours. We keep on calling ourselves lazy in spite that in Europe the work day is shorter. In England and Spain they also love football. In the US people watch an insane amount of TV and never really go to the great museums they have in their country...The biggest and more hurtful part of our European heritage, the one that is not in our veins or our faces is the one that has impeded us to move forward: The false idea that we are less than them, that we are the cause of our own disgrace.

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