domingo, 13 de junio de 2010

Are we free?

There is an Egyptian contemporary female artist who is very successful and who some people say have a brilliant career ahead. Her name is Ghada Amer. This artist mixes painting and embroidery. She often makes pictures which from the distance look like abstract paintings and up close are two kinds of women: Women that appear in pornographic magazines (specifically Hustler magazine) and Disney princesses (You can see her work if you google her).
Conversing about the artist he told me that he thinks she tries to point at the hypocrisy of western society towards women. Why if the artist comes from a world that oppresses women openly she would decide to point at the attitude of the western world toward women? After all we do are free. Aren't we?
But the work of the artist seem to point in that direction. Doesn't it seems to be that the artist is trying to tell us that despite the fact that we now can choose what to do with our lives, where to work, who to date, with whom to marry, what to do with our money we are still regarded as two kinds of women, whores(Hustler women) and naive virgins (Disney princesses)? If that is in fact not true ¿Why is it that in many parts of the western world a woman that decides not to continue her pregnancy is seen as a horrible person (for sure she is a whore) and nobody talks about the man that got her pregnant? ¿Why a woman is not regarded as happy until she becomes a mother and/or has an exemplary marriage(a woman that is not a whore should want kids and a husband)?
It seems like we are not indeed free. We are allowed to chose but our choices are still closely watched and scrutinized.

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