domingo, 27 de junio de 2010

There are no priorities when it's about people.

In the last months several states in the USA have openly shown their discontent with the presence of undocumented workers in their states. The discontent and some time anger is not only with undocumented workers. Many times these feelings are against specific racial groups, specially Latinos and Muslims. It's sad that a New York Times poll finds that 51% of Americans think the Arizona immigration law is about right. Racism exist in the US, denying it it's closing your eyes to the truth. Thinking it only exists in the US is closing them even more.
There have been many different reactions from the Mexicans in Mexico. Some are indifferent, “Americans can do whatever they want with their laws. It's their country”, someone told me. Some criticize the Mexican government for encouraging Mexicans not no travel to or make business in Arizona. “They first need to create better working and living conditions in the country and then they can criticize American's reaction to migration” I read in a Mexican newspaper.
These reactions are even sadder. How can someone think that because the USA is a free country it should be allowed to treat human beings that are only looking for a better future like criminals? Leave aside the fact that many of them are Mexicans and think for a moment that they are human beings that lived with violence, discrimination and extreme poverty in their country of origin. They had to do that dangerous, horrible trip to cross the border and get to a country that is not their country, where they don't speak the language, where they are exploited and above all are being chased as criminals just because they are trying to exercise a right that even the US declaration of independence says it's evident all men have: The right to the pursuit of happiness. It's sad that someone thinks that a free country is free to enslave a group of people.
It's sad also that some think that the Mexican government should create better living and working conditions before they defend the rights of Mexicans outside Mexico. Mexicans living in the US with documents or without them are people, they are Mexicans and deserve protection from the Mexican government before, while and after the Mexican government creates better living conditions in Mexico for them to return. The government should defend and respect all Mexicans, those living in Mexico and those living outside. If the Mexican government is not capable of creating better living and working conditions at the same time it defends the rights of Mexicans outside Mexico it's our duty as Mexican citizens to demand them to do so or oust them from power.

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