domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

What's ours

For generations in Mexico there has been a profound gap between government and the people. For years the people have seen the government the same way a kid sees a Mexican father, like a being that has to be respected no matter what (he has to be respected despite little errors like an unfair punishment or catastrophic errors like spending the food money on alcohol and prostitutes), like a being from whom kindness and provisions are expected but nothing can be said if he delivers the contrary, like a being whose decisions even if painful can not be contested.
That's why for years the government has waisted the people's wealth without an explanation and even assuring people that everything they do is for the well being of the people and if something goes wrong and it does not seem so it's the people's fault. The fault is on the teachers that fight for fair salaries and fair treatments and not the high ranked politicians that direct the education ministry and make much more money for no work. The fault is on the farmer that didn't have a saying on whether or not FAFTA was a good idea and now he lost everything and has to go to the US illegally to work. The fault is always on the people for wanting what is rightfully theirs, what is rightfully ours. What is rightfully ours is the wealth that feeds all government officials who look at us contemptuously and do not give a damn about us. The oil reserves belong to the Mexican people and the luxuries and salaries that the government officials get from it really belong to the Mexican people. The government officials that have not move a finger to use this wealth in favor of the people, the rightful owners of that wealth, do not deserve any consideration or respect. The government officials that feel better, smarter, superior, and elegant just because they don't break doors in the education ministry, they don't go on hunger strikes in the main square, because they don't spray paint TV vans with protest mottoes. But their crimes are much bigger, they have stolen the money that belong to the people for generations and told to our faces that its for our own good. Let's claim what is rightfully ours without fear of seeming low, they are the low.

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