domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

The empire

US is an empire. It's not only the country with the greatest economical dominance it also controls many international organizations. The IMF, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the UN, they all have headquarters in the US. About 60 of the best 100 universities in the whole world are in the US. The US has the greatest political, economical and technological power (Not the military power though). It's easy to hate the empire. Nobody likes to be dominated. Nobody likes to be the weak and vulnerable. Nobody likes abuse and the US has abused many people and nations over the course of it's history.
However it's naive to think that this abuse takes place because of some characteristic of the US and not because of its position of power. It's naive to think that if another country was in power things would be different. It's naive to think that when the US falls (And it will fall some time because nothing lasts forever) the world will magically be a harmonic place where there will be no abuse and no country will try to impose its ideology to others and nobody will try to take the power. But many people think like that and supports other nations that try to take the place of the US right now even though if they were successful in taking US place that would only imply a change of power and no change for the rest of the people in this world. Face it, an empire it's a empire and if France, Germany, China, India or Brazil were the empire the abuse will be the same. I'm not advocating for the US empire here. I'm advocating for global democracy. We have to try to give power to every men, woman and nation in our planet so they are all able to stand against their local and global empires. To end abuse we need to give power to the oppressed and not to change the oppressor.

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