domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Where is the money?

To grow as a country money is needed. Money to built hospitals, schools, highways, libraries, parks,...Money to give scholarships to future teachers, doctors, engineers, scientists,...Money to lend to good entrepreneurs, to help unemployed people to find a good employment, to built shelters for the homeless,...Money to have scientific and cultural programs. Where should one get all that money?
The neoliberal idea is that money will come alone. Money will go to a country that is or at least seems like a good investment. That's one of the reasons developing countries worry about the image they have in the world.
But not everything has to be done with the neoliberal model. China has attained high growth by saving 40% of its income. This was attained by promoting savings as a way of life. Some Middle East countries invest their profits from oil. After the Mexican Revolution of 1910 communal property was used to get people to invest in their own communities.
Maybe what works for one country does not work for another. Maybe what worked in Mexico years ago will not work now. But there are alternatives and the neoliberal model has not worked until now. Maybe it's time to change the model and start looking somewhere else.

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