domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

Science and religion

Religion and science have had conflicts for a long time. A broad sector of society has decided so and it's understandable. However this poses a problem for those who dedicate their lives to science and yet see no conflict of this and believing there is a God. The truth is that for some people studying the mechanism does not represent to denying the existence of whoever created it. Even science does not have the power to prove everything beyond any doubt and it's full of theories that are called this way because they are not 100% verifiable but are conjectures based on observations. That's what faith is for some people. Still many people see a problem with those scientists that do not see the conflict between faith and science. It's particularly interesting that people do not think this is a prejudice. After all one is free to order the truths of the world in one's mind however one likes. After all a job (just as race, gender or ethnicity) should not define a person.

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