domingo, 31 de enero de 2010

5 books about men that love

Some time ago he asked me why women like the movie “The notebook” so much. A woman told me that we like that movie so much because men don't know how to love like Noah loved Allie. Inspired in this I thought I should make a list of books about men that love.

5.“Like water for chocolate” by Laura Esquivel. In this novel/cook book Tita's boyfriend marries her sister because he is denied to marry Tita and wants to be close to her. I, like Tita, think he should have kidnapped her. That's why the man that love in this story is not Tita's boyfriend but the doctor that later in the story takes care of her after her mental breakdown and after she is back on her feet he proposes to her.
4.“The lady of the Camellias” by Alexandre Dumas Jr. In this book Armand hopelessly falls for Marguerite in such a way that he does not care if she is a prostitute or if his father threatens to disinherit him. He loves her and he is the only one that sees her as a person and not as an object. Rumor has it this story is based on real facts from the life of the author.
3.”Love in the times of cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This is the story of a man that waited 53 years 7 months and 11 days for the love of his life. He didn't care if she married another man and had his kids he waited until she was ready to love him
2.”The bad girl” by Mario Vargas Llosa. It does not matter if the bad girl appears and disappears and leaves Ricardo heart broken every time she leaves. He swears to forget her every time and he always fails to do so because he is in love with her since they were two teenagers in Peru and he'll forever love her.
5.”Clemencia” by Ignacio Manuel Altamirano. This was the first literature book I ever read. In this book Fernando Valle just wants Clemencia to be happy and if Enrique Flores makes her happy Fernando is willing to sacrifice his own life to save Enrique's and make Clemencia happy.

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  1. I read Like Water for Chocolate!! It was also a cookbook...... made me hungry

  2. I know and it has some really unusual recipes like quail in rose petals

  3. I read two of those books. I was captivated by "Like water for chocolate" when I first read. I was 15 then and I must have read it at least 6 times. I guess I fell in love with the greatness of the love in the book. Marquez' book was so beautiful too. I enjoy so much the magical language these authors use.

  4. Dear Melis I have no doubt you are Latin-american in soul. Now you have to read Fuentes and Isabel Allende, they are also very good.