domingo, 10 de enero de 2010


In the book “The labyrinth of solitude” Octavio Paz says that Mexicans aspire to create an order. It does not look like that but there are some examples that prove it. One example given by Paz in his books is our love for traditions. He says we aspire to add something cyclical to the already existing cycles of time, that's why we like to keep doing the same rituals again and again in a cycle. We want to add an order to time. In Mexico we have a long history of “caudillos” (heroes that are seen as more than human and frequently end up being tyrants). The reason is that we like people that can impose their own order over their enemies'. We don't want a savior to save us from poverty or injustices, we want someone who can impose order.
Even today in Mexico specially in the north and center of the country many people think that anyone who protest against the government is just altering our peace and trying to get some kind of personal advantage from it. They have this opinion from everyone that dares to protest, it does not matter what they are asking for. It does not matter if they are teachers asking for better salaries, indigenous people asking for the freedom of their political prisoners, gay people asking for equal rights or environmentalists asking to stop Canadian companies that are polluting our land and air. It does not matter. Mexicans fear lack of order more than they fear poverty or injustices. At home and in the government the most respected leader is the leader that can impose discipline and order not the one that delivers justice and prosperity. That's why Mexicans vote for the presidential candidate that offers order and not for the one that offers justice, that's why nobody cares that the rights of the prisoners are violated when there is a “war on drugs”, that's why nobody cares if the government ends a teacher's strike by the means of force, if the president puts and end to a public electricity company just because he does not like the person the workers chose as their leader, and nobody cares if any father uses any violent means to discipline his kid even if he does not even feed the kid.
Hopefully we will look at other nations history, specially other Latin-american nations, where they used order and discipline as the only mean to prosperity. They ended up with horrible dictatorships and learning their lesson cost them many lives. Hopefully learning our lesson will not take that much.

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