domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

Drug legalization

Months ago the Mexican congress passed a bill that legalizes the traffic of small quantities of drugs just for individual use. Many were against this bill.
It is common knowledge that most of the drug related crimes are perpetrated by addicts desperate by another dosage. The truth is that at least in Mexico executions among rival drug cartels seem to be much more common than crimes perpetrated by addicts. It is also common knowledge that availability of drugs is what creates addicts. The truth is that not every person that has drank alcohol is an alcoholic and that most of the time an addiction happens because of an emotional problem and lack of information about the effects of the drug and not because of availability of the drug. Drug addiction is usually a consequence and not a cause of problems.
The truth is that this bill could improve the situation of many addicts. They no longer have to deal with corrupt cops and have to go to jail just because they don't have the money to pay the bribe. This bill could help us stop thinking of the addicts as criminals and start thinking of them as ill people that need help.
Changing our attitude toward addicts could help them and their families to find the actual root of their problems and therefore find the solution

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