domingo, 24 de enero de 2010

Are we poor because we are lazy?

Poor and rich Mexicans think that we (Mexicans) are poor because we are lazy. The fact that we love parties just adds to this idea. Our conclusion is that to get out of poverty we should learn from other countries where people work a lot and are very efficient (Mexicans think almost every country other than Mexico is like that). This laziness theory however is not consistent with the fact that Mexicans working in the US have work days of 12 or more hours, that they are the only ones that can do the heavy work and that they even like extra hours. Some ignorant people think that this is because Americans are strict and do not let Mexicans to be lazy. This could be an explanation but it's not a complete one because it doesn't explain why Mexicans being so lazy like so much to go to America even at risk of our own life to get a job. A simpler and complete explanation is that there is a lack of incentives in Mexico. Why would a Mexican work in Mexico as hard as he works in the US if wages are minimal? How can a Mexican feel proud of his job if the minimal salary gives him the impression that his job and even he is worthless? Why would he improve in his job if the one that receives a raise or the praise is the boss's godson? The situation in Mexico is the one that creates the lack of incentives and it's not our nature to be like that. We have to think about it next time we accuse another Mexican of being lazy.

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